Venti genshin will reboot jinshin effect 2.6, so some players may want to know if it’s necessary to opt out. Overall, it has a lot of valuable quirks that make it a worthwhile unit to summon. Whether it should be a player unit or not will depend on how they view its origins.

If some quality (like being the best battery or crowd control) a player really wants, it’s well worth it. This article will also try to focus on what he brings to the table as much as his ability allows him, so subjective qualities, such as his determination and tradition will not be mentioned here.

Main reason for trying to summon Venti in Genshin Impact

5) constellations

Getting horoscopes for 5-star characters is not easy in Genshin Impact (Image via miHoYo)
Travelers who already have Venti should realize how powerful Genshin Impact is. However, he hasn’t had his mark for nearly a year, which means there haven’t been many opportunities to get his mark recently.

Fortunately, the next gig in 2.6 Update That will change. Which constellation the player gets will make him a much better overall choice in any situation.

4) Excellent exploration ability

There are two abilities of Venti that make it very valuable for general exploration. The first was his basic skill, which allowed him to push up if he was stressed. This ability is useful when crossing any vertical obstacle, which can cause it to scatter several Oculi throughout Teyvat.

The second beneficial ability is a negative benefit. Reduces stamina consumption when paragliding by 20%. Thus, travelers with it in their group can slip significantly longer compared to teams without it.

3) Can work as battery

His Elemental Burst can return a large amount of energy to allies (Image via miHoYo)
Stormeye is an inactive Venti item in Genshin Impact, and has the following effects:

The Grand Audi was a blast at first. The energy cost was already 60, which meant he could quickly refill his Elemental Burst just by using it. However, the next bit of ability is also valuable, especially since it’s 15 constant energy for a potential ally.

Travelers would most likely combine Elemental Burst with other attacks, so this effect was a huge bonus.

2) Splashable in multiple team companies

Some Genshin Impact units tend to have a problem: they only excel in a few dedicated work teams. Venti does not have this problem. Some of his former attributes, such as his useful expedition abilities and battery potential, make him a valuable teammate in most team formulations.

There aren’t many cases where adding him to a public team would be a bad decision. For example, Morgana’s famous team (Mona, Ganyu, Dionna, Venti) can be applied to many situations in Genshin Impact.

1) First class crowd control at Genshin Impact

Crowd Control (often abbreviated as CC) is not very common in Genshin Impact. However, in terms of crowd control options, it can be argued that there is no better option than the one they offer Venti Blast. Not only does it deal good damage, it keeps most enemies in place, making them the sitting ducks for whatever the player plans to throw at them.

His basic skills are also valuable when it comes to shooting those enemies into the air. In some cases, they needed to be locked up in Elemental Burst. Unsurprisingly, both abilities made him invaluable in Spiral Abyss when it came to defeating hordes of enemies.