Anytime there is certainly a fire safety equipment testing Tauranga, people always reach for the closest fireplace extinguishers, having said that, there are actually periods whenever they might be creating the specific situation worse.

It’s because there are actually specific fireplace extinguishers for selected fires and if you were to utilize the incorrect extinguisher, you may be fuelling the fire, in lieu of extinguishing it.

In certain instances, you mustn’t make use of a fire extinguisher whatsoever. In precise truth, you should be applying a hearth blanket within the fireplace. You will be studying this so you may well be believing that a hearth would essentially help it become worse. In case you do feel that you then have occur on the right location.

Continue reading to learn more fire extinguishers and if they must be used.


Hearth extinguishers come in several colors. There was a time if the complete extinguisher was made while in the various colours. Having said that, now, all the extinguishers are red, but they have various coloured stickers on them. Effectively, the brand new ones are anyway.

Different colours are:

Yellow (two)
Blue (two)
Different colors stand for that different contents of your extinguisher. Should you have an extinguisher which has a crimson sticker on, then the extinguisher includes drinking water. Using a yellow sticker, it will include foam or simply a soaked chemical, a black a person is made up of CO2 and eventually, a blue sticker contains dry powder, or M28/L2.


A purple hearth extinguisher which contains water can only be used to extinguish wood, paper or textiles fires. Drinking water can’t be applied on every other style of hearth due to the fact it is going to make the hearth even worse.

Foam/Wet Chemical

Should you possess a hearth extinguisher which has a yellow label on it, then you really will have to check the content label right before using it on the fire. It’s because the yellow label can stand for two different things.

One particular extinguisher will contain foam and will extinguish precisely the same given that the h2o one, while using the addition of flammable liquids, petrols and spirit fires. If the canister also has an ABF foam label on it, then it might be employed on fires from cooking oil and body fat.

Nevertheless, the other yellow label will stand for damp chemical and might extinguish the identical as h2o, with the addition of cooking oil and fat. If this a person is made use of on flammable liquids, then the hearth will probably be even worse. So, ensure that you check out with yellow canister that you’ve in advance of you are attempting and set the fire out.

Dry Powder/M28/L2

If you use a canister using a blue label you then may even really need to check the label for just what the canister actually has in it. If it says dry powder then you can use it on wooden, paper, textiles, flammable liquids, petrol, spirits, flammable gases, and electrical products.

Nevertheless, dry powder will injury electrical gear, so whether or not you might have set the fire out, the equipment could not function. For that reason, in the event you use a CO2 extinguisher, it is best to use that as an alternative.

M28/L2 can only be made use of on burning metals, so make sure you will not use this on every other hearth.


CO2 gasoline extinguishers, with black stickers, can be utilized on flammable liquid fires and electrical machines fires, very little else. As outlined higher than, this can be the greater option for electrical fires though you can use dry powder extinguishers.

Fireplace Blankets

For fires with cooking oils and fats, hearth blankets can be employed to chop from the oxygen and place the fire out. These blankets can be used in evacuation, to wrap about people when they really need to stroll near to hearth to receive away from the constructing.